Christian Hünemörder Unternehmensberatung und Consulting im Medien- und Filmbereich

Christian Hünemörder - Producer (showreel)

Example: Lange & Söhne: Walter Lange

Example: Reinhold Würth

Your Entrepreneur Portrait

A high-quality documentary exploring your life as an entrepreneur and the people who have helped realise your vision. Your Entrepreneur Portrait can be used in your internal and external corporate communication or serve as a memento for you and your family.

Your unique story, movingly told.

An interesting story is captivating, regardless of the medium of its telling. Film, however, has a unique capacity to elegantly and engagingly interweave and explore complex subjects and emotions, hard facts and poignant moments.

We have over 20 years’ international experience in the film industry and learnt our craft at one of the world’s most prestigious film schools: the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. Our shared passion is the authentic portrayal of unique personalities and businesses. So far, we have crafted portraits of Walter Lange (of Lange & Söhne), Reinhold Messner and Reinhold Würth, and we've also created films for Gleiss Lutz, Lapp Kabel, Trumpf and Weishaupt. To see our work for yourself, please click the clips below.

We provide transparency and a cost guarantee - right from the word "go".

A film project has three phases: development and pre-production, shooting, and post-production. Depending on your needs, we can provide all of these services under one roof: you can see us as your general contractor. We develop a screenplay based on your vision and the information you provide. We recruit the crew, including camera, lighting and sound, along with other experts in 2D and 3D visual effects and music.

We identify the most dramatic locations – both within and outside of your business – and shoot with cutting-edge HD equipment. At the post-production stage, we can weave archive film and photographs into the Portrait. Thanks to their modular setup, there’s no mystery to our production costs. We provide you with a catalogue of services and you choose from a range of elements at fixed prices.

Who's behind your Entrepreneur Portrait?

Christian Hünemörder, producer. Christian is a graduate of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and has over 20 years’ experience as a producer, line producer, production manager and business consultant in the film industry. In 1998, he founded GAMBIT Film and Television Production in Ludwigsburg. By 2003, he had produced a number of internationally award-winning feature films and documentaries, including MY BROTHER THE VAMPIRE (“MEIN BRUDER DER VAMPIR”), GOING HOME (“HEIMKEHR”), GESCHLECHT WEIBLICH ("GENDER FEMALE") and MONEY-GO-ROUND ("SCHOTTER WIE HEU"). He has also produced corporate and product films for Kodak, Siemens, Expo and Bitzer.

Since 2004, Hünemörder has been a line producer and consultant for several film production companies including Schwenk Film, SCHOKOLADE Filmproduktion and Mackevision Medien Design. He was line producer for the international three-part co-production MESSNERS ALPEN (Schwenk Film), as well as numerous commercials and corporate films: his clients include IBM, Weishaupt, Trumpf and Lapp Kabel. From 2013 to 2015, he was branch manager for dcinex Medien AG in Tübingen, specialising in the digitisation of cinema equipment, DCP mastering and distribution of cinema releases on behalf of international distributors.

Walter Lange - Lange & Söhne

An example of an Entrepreneur Portrait

Lange & Söhne: Walter Lange

The Lange 31 (short)

Ferdinand A. Lange's training and travel


Windowsill industry

The first step is the hardest

Move to Glashütte

Destruction and dispossession

The first watches

The allure of Lange

Tradition & innovation

Making of Lange & Söhne, Glashütte

Further examples

Messner's Alps: trailer

Reinhold Würth

Christian Hünemörder - Producer (showreel)