Christian Hünemörder Unternehmensberatung und Consulting im Medien- und Filmbereich


As all-rounders, we value networking. We see it as:

  • engaging with people to develop shared visions and strategies
  • realising those visions both collectively and independently
  • analysing processes and designing them to be as efficient as possible
  • guiding projects to fruition through communication and a playful approach
  • guaranteeing transparent organisation, egalitarian teamwork and a personalised work environment
  • developing company values and encouraging people to identify with them
  • providing each contributor with space to explore their own ideas and creativity in a spirit of mutual respect
  • clearly defining and distributing responsibilities
  • facilitating continuous development and training to sustain motivation and broaden perspectives
  • understanding that profit is important, but not all-important –
    because success means being able to share it.

Networking means…

  • creating a personalised work environment
  • becoming part of a close-knit community
  • collectively developing and realising visions and strategies
  • personal development and training
  • space for feelings and thoughts
  • integration and empathy


Project management means…

  • designing processes to be transparent, realistic and efficient
  • bringing projects to fruition through communication and a playful approach
  • collective decision-making and egalitarian teamwork
  • taking personal responsibility for clearly-defined areas
  • flexibility within clear targets
  • incorporating individual strengths
  • harmony between creativity and budget

Values require…

  • the development of core company principles
  • identification with company values
  • mutual respect between, and acknowledgement of, contributors
  • space for inspiration and the integration of individuals' ideas
  • democratic principles

Success means…

  • being able to share it
  • a profitable business
  • motivated and fulfilled participants
  • esteem and enthusiasm
  • constant change and improvement